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I often write about average hair loss per day or shedding and a blog that talks about the same thing. One of the most common questions I get asked is "How to launch hairs a day is normal Can you really loose 100 hairs a day and always within normal limits.?" I will answer these questions and explain the answer in the following article.

The hair cycle: Why throw some loss / Hair: Hair goes through three phases are their life cycle. The first is the anagen phase. Ultimately, it is the healthiest, most natural stage where you get the hair healthier. Hair grows and is deeply average hair loss per day rooted in average hair loss per day the follicle and proper nutrition. If you have thinning hair, your goal is to get really your hair in the anagen phase and keep it there since possible.

The second stage is the catagen phase. This is basically average hair loss per day when the hair begins average hair loss per day to die and is preparing to launch. We often call it the "dead hair" phase. The hair is not to be fed, and is no longer actively growing. I used to be able to say when I approached a shed, because I am starting to see a lot of hairs of flies that could not be tamed. These hairs are in catagen and is preparing to launch.

The last phase is the telogen phase and this is when the hair falls, though technically called "resting phase". Hairs remain in this stage for about two months, and then fall. This is why people with telogen effluvium (excessive hair) often notice a lot of average hair loss per day about three months after the "trigger", like giving birth, from a new drug, etc. It requires hair long for "rest" and then fall over time.

Why 100 hairs per day is not average hair loss per day always typical dermatologists will tell you that at any given time, about ten percent of the hair of the head is in telogen or shedding. So that is why it is said that in a typical head of hair that has 100,000 or more hairs, 100 hairs per day is about ten percent. But not everyone has 100,000 hairs. And if you've been missing for a while, this could be your reality.

Some doctors will tell you that 50 to 100 hairs per day is no need to worry, but that really does not tell the whole story. Everyone is different and you know what is normal for you. A couple of dermatologist, I consulted with my average hair loss per day told me that I was not technically much more normal limits. However, I knew what was normal for me. And I knew that my hair was much thinner (my ponytail rose the size of a quarter the size of a dime) after loosing more than 100 hairs per day for months.

While it is normal to loose average hair loss per day more hair than normal average hair loss per day seasonal. No lost exactly the same amount of hair every day. If you are loosing season, then it may be normal to loose 100 hairs a day, but it should last a long time with no end in sight, day after day.

Is they're a trigger:
Apart from a high amount of detachment, another feature is a trigger TE. In general, something happens in your life that focuses on the body. Since hair growth is not necessary for survival, the hair will be paid when the body is stressed to accumulate reserves. Examples of stressors are things like childbirth, diet, disease, surgery, change your medication and severe average hair loss per day emotional stress. Look back at your life and see if you can find a stress factor that has become a factor. Or, ask if you may have a medical problem could be an underlying cause has not been discovered.
                                            average hair loss per day
The Bottom Line: At the end of the day, its large amount average hair loss per day of discharge from the absence of excessive average hair loss per day or patchy androgens have showed that TE is a likely cause of the loss. But again, I am not a doctor. If this was, in fact, TE, you can expect to end the loss before the end of six months. If average hair loss per day continues for more time, then you are looking at chronic effluvium or other form of average hair loss per day But try not to worry about it now, because stress can cause the worst defeat.

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